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HD / Blu ray software reviews

Read our reviews of the HD blu ray video player software. Watch comfortably your high definition video collections on your computer screen. Find free video player to play avchd, blu ray, hd dvd and other formats with the selection below.


#1 Corel WinDVD

Watch your favorite DVDs on your home theater system, desktop or laptop PC, and enjoy crystal-clear pictures with top audio performance. With broad format support, state-of-the-art enhancement technologies and unique features for watching movies on the go, WinDVD offers the best entertainment experience.
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#2 DVD X Player

DVD X Player is the first region free/code free software DVD player in the world. Through this player you can play all region DVD on all DVD drives (except the Matshita DVD-RAM serials, Sony VAIO serials and Toshiba Satellite serials) even if you have changed the region code 5 times. You needn't hack DVD drive (flash firmware) which is very dangerous.
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